Project Development Enterprise, LLC is a U.S. real estate investment, development and asset management firm. Generally PDE follows core, core-plus, value added and opportunistic strategies when making investments.

A team of specialists for acquisition, development, asset management and financial control who work towards achieving transparency in reporting and generating superior returns.

We selectively invest in various real estate class asset and manage our portfolios proactively by executing our focused investment strategy.

Excellent relationships with industry professionals and extensive expertise in all phases of the investment process: financial models, underwriting standards and legal documents.

A geographical and industry diversified investment structure within each partnership.

We broadly manage risk by applying three categories:
  • Strategic risks – to determine the level of risk exposure we are willing to take to generate value.
  • Preventable risks- to provide transparent accounting, reporting and have a two-way communication. Irregularities should be avoided or mitigated.
  • External risks- that cannot be controlled, which could affect the business both ways, negative or positive.
Identifying, managing and responding to risk is an integral part of our everyday activities.